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General Information

  • Store in a dry place.
  • Beach: avoid using your veneers and bio jewels on the beach. Sand and salt water can easily scratch the parts, damaging the finish. Salt water can also cause browning, due to its oxidizing power.
  • Shower and pool: we advise you to remove all parts before taking a shower and when going to the pool. 
  • Products in general: it is important that you avoid contacting parts with beauty and personal hygiene products, such as perfumes and colognes, toothpaste and hair dye, for example. The same care must be applied to all chemicals.                                   
  • Gardening: when handling soil and chemical fertilizers, in addition to other products, foliation is exposed and can be severely affected.
  • Household cleaning: do not forget to remove the parts whenever you wash the dishes or when carrying out any task with cleaning products and chemicals in general.
  • Friction with the surface: repetitive movements can generate friction that wears out the parts bath, mainly in the inner part of the ring rim.
  • Perspiration and oxidation: did you know that perspiration can accelerate the process of oxidation of parts? This happens due to uric acid or because of the use of certain medications.

Such care contributes to increase the durability of veneers and bio-jewelry. They also help to maintain the appearance of each piece for much longer.



  • What to use: products with degreasing action and a soft flannel for polishing (for smooth parts).
  • Rinse: always under running water.
  • Natural stones: due to the special characteristics, avoid rubbing with brushes. We also do not recommend contact with creams and oils.
  • Golden grass: it is important to emphasize that you must avoid direct contact with water at all costs. This way you preserve durability.


  • Luvieh's jewels are plated with 18, 22 and 24k gold, in addition to Silver 1000, Rhodium White, Rhodium Negro. Nickel free.


  • Our pieces are special because they are manufactured with selected raw materials of natural origin, which can lead to small variations in color, shape and size.
  • Most jewelry is entirely handmade. This means that there is no mass production, that is, variations can occur and this makes each piece unique.
  • Gems: textures, markings and colors are exclusive properties of each gem, that is, there is no repetition. A natural product is like this in its essence, which further enhances exclusivity and does not affect the appearance of the pieces. 


The products presented on the website are available while they are in stock. We reserve the right to change, update, improve or discontinue the items offered on the website at any time, without notice. There is no responsibility for the lack of parts in stock or unavailable products.